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Ryan Giggs Scandal Imogen

Ryan Giggs Scandal Imogen - This is the shocked news from Manchester United winger player, Ryan Giggs. Ryan Giggs is issued has the love with the other woman beside Stacey Cooke. As we know, Ryan Giggs Stacey Cooke got married in 2007. Now, Ryan Giggs has 1 son and 1 daughter, Zach and Liberty. Is it right that Ryan Giggs has the other woman beside Stacey Cooke?

According to the hot issue, Ryan Giggs other woman is Imogen Thomas. Who is Imogen Thomas? Ryan Giggs other woman scandal love Imogen Thomas is the popular Wales model. Before, Imogen Thomas is the ex of Miss Wales.

Imogen Thomas was born in Wales at November 29 1982. Now, Imogen Thomas is so famous as the model and the television star in UK. Imogen Thomas career rises when Imogen Thomas became Miss Wales 2003 and playing at Big Brother UK on 2006.

Before, the Sun has the issue that Imogen Thomas has the other man in the Premier League player for the last 6 months. Who is that? Now, the person who has scandal love with Imogen Thomas revealed. The Premier League star who has loves with Imogen Thomas is Ryan Giggs.

100 Ryan Giggs Other Woman Loves Imogen Thomas | Ryan Giggs Scandal Loves with Imogen ThomasMany people are so shocked with the news of Ryan Giggs other woman is Imogen Thomas. This is because Ryan Giggs is married with Stacey Cooke and Ryan Giggs has 2 little babies.

According to the issue spreads out, Ryan Giggs scandal love often date with Imogen Thomas in the hotel Manchester United players stayed. Imogen Thomas quotes about her loves with Ryan Giggs that Ryan Giggs is the cool person. But, Ryan Giggs is a little drunk and in that time Ryan Giggs invites Imogen Thomas to go to the hotel bar Ryan Giggs stayed.

Imogen Thomas regrets with her love with Ryan Giggs for the last 6 months. Before, Imogen Thomas believes that she will be married with Ryan Giggs. But, the reality is Imogen Thomas is only Ryan Giggs other woman scandal in the household of Ryan Giggs and Stacey Cooke.

Ryan Giggs scandal loves with Imogen Thomas is so worrying because Manchester United will do the urgent match in the final Europe Champion League 2011.
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