martes, 7 de junio de 2011

Bern Tourist Iinformation

Bern Tourist Iinformation - The video is nice. A too good to be true tale. In the USA they are doing forced injections and forced medical experiments and the American HOlocaust has been waging since I was 8 in the 1960's.

A 1.2 trillion dollar bank loan to Switzerland and the USA FHA can not finance a blue collar workers home for less than 5 percent of the cost of the home. They have no money and no sense

Bern’s super-friendly tourist office is on the upper level of the train station (June–Sept daily 9am–8.30pm; Oct–May Mon–Sat 9am–6.30pm, Sun 10am–5pm; 031/328 12 12, They have information on everything, including free maps of both the Old Town and the whole city (including a street-index), and they can reserve hotel rooms for a Fr.3 commission (even though there’s a complimentary hotel-phone just outside). Pick up a free copy of the fortnightly Bern aktuell, which has English listings of mainstream cultural events in the city and some useful information on the city’s attractions. There’s also a smaller tourist information booth at the Bärengraben (daily: June–Sept 9am–5pm, March–May & Oct 10am–4pm
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